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Discover the world of learning by searching through the best school programming and educational tools, all in one place.


In 2018, we launched iSPY Visuals to make the world of visual content more accessible. iSPY Visuals provides users a simpler way to search for and work with images – helping users to find the most relevant visual content among billions of images fast, across the best providers, and to easily compare results and collaborate with partners.

During the pandemic, while navigating “hybrid” school, one of our founding team needed to find an alternative 6th-grade math program. Karen searched the internet, called online education providers, looked into homeschool options, and asked just about everyone she knew for recommendations. Finally, after finding a recently retired middle school math teacher to be their Zoom teacher, she had a thought:

Why isn’t there a simpler and faster way for parents and students to find the most relevant learning opportunities? 

Karen shared her story with the iSPY team, who immediately thought of iSPY Visuals: One site, one search — relevant content to choose from in seconds.

And iSPY Education was born. 

iSPY Education is making the world of education accessible to all — a place for every student, parent, and teacher to find and explore the best education programming available.

Changing how we “school” by making education accessible to everyone.

iSPY Education enables us to discover, select, save, share and purchase education programs and services. All from our personalized workspace.  But iSPY goes even further.

iSPY Education is a powerful platform that uses AI and match-matching technologies to pair us with the education programs best suited for our needs. 

One search. One site. One click. Unlimited possibilities.

A simple concept, powerfully built. If a Mom needs to find an advanced math class for her 6th grader, she just enters the parameters, clicks search and browses through all available programs. 

Best of all? When our Mom has made her selection, she clicks-to-purchase, straight from the provider. 

But wait, there’s more.  In addition to search – finding what the learner needs (a tutor, a supplemental math class, a stem program)- they can create projects, pin favorites to their locker and invite collaborators; friends, peers, counselors, advisors – anyone who can help. 

If our Mom wants, she can also initiate a search with our AI powered research assistant,  or create a profile and opt in to allow iSPY to push matched programs directly to her workspace.

We will all save time and sleep better knowing that iSPY will let us find the best options, and make it much easier to do so. 

We are you!

We are parents, learners and innovators who know the importance of a great education. Whether looking for a class, course, or self-paced program, we understand how difficult it is to discover new sources and find the best options for our learners. Our team comes from the business of smart search. We are an ed-tech business built by people who are passionate about impacting students everywhere. iSPY Education,  a quick and easy way to find the education resources you need. 

We feel your pain. 

We know that looking for classes and programs takes hours, days or weeks. iSPY Education changes that. What used to be difficult –  getting 100 million responses on Google and going to multiple sources on the first few pages just to see if the programs were relevant –  now takes minutes. No more bookmarking or downloading information. No more sending links to collaborators. We can take a deep breath. Define our search, choose our favorites, pin them to our locker, invite collaborators to comment and like any that we have saved. Then we just click over to the provider to purchase.  We save time and find what we need.


While we are headquartered in Denver, Colorado, our team is spread around the world in New York, California, Maine, the UK and Eastern Europe. We are a global Ed Tech business, committed to offering parents, teachers and students around the world a better way to search and find the education programs and tools they need.

Contact us:
email: hello@ispyeducation.com
phone: +1.720.772.6544

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