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Documents & Projects Lockers

iSPY is so much more than a deep
search engine for education.

iSPY is an intuitive, AI-driven SaaS platform where you are able to search across the world’s best education platforms, and where you also get your own personalized workspace with collaboration tools. This means, that in addition finding the best educational opportunities, you can set up and manage all your school programs and projects in one place — and have a place where you can share your projects or program selections with your team. Cool, right?

All you have to do is set up a profile. By doing so, you will tap into the power of iSPY Education where you can opt in to our match-making services and take advantage of all the workspace tools including projects and lockers.

By creating a new school project, you are creating a collaboration space for you and your team. You can tie this to a particular school or to a specific class or program. Within each project you can create document lockers where you are able to upload school information and program descriptions. You could even upload and maintain a record of completed classes, grades and transcripts. Lockers are also used to store the programs that you find and are interested in. No need to search again. Just pin them to your locker for easy access.

Oh, and did we tell you that you and your team can comment on and like any program you have saved in your locker? And if you have questions on any program, you can just reach out to the provider within the system.

That’s right. Search, compare, collaborate and communicate — all in one place.  And breath a little easier.

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